Monday, March 13, 2006


At last week's Inner City Civic Association meeting, the police reversed course and admitted shots were fired at Queen and Fayette Street the previous weekend, despite Mayor William D. Euille's previous attempt to explain away the incident to ICCA President Patricia Schubert (see Who Ya Gonna Call? Shotspotters!!!).

Clearly the police themselves heard the gunfire and recognized it immediately for what it was, because they raced over to Queen and N. Fayette to investigate. But because cops later claimed no one in the neighborhood called it in (the notorious "Calls for Service") we were told the gunfire didn't occur. And the mouthpiece for this statement was the Mayor.

In fact, the Growler has learned there were multiple calls about the gunshots. Unfortunately, this incident is just one more example of the police management's new tactic of "blame the public." It's effective because it squeezes hapless neighbors both ways. Those who report problems in Parker-Gray are dismissed as whiners, but when incidents happen, even those that the cops themselves stumble on, police brass try to claim they never occurred unless there's unmistakeable evidence -- like a dead body.