Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lost in Space

Well, your many replies to the ole Growler's recent crime posting have again piqued the Cranky One's curiosity about police substations in Alexandria. It seems Captain John Crawford's recent reference (Washington Post 12/8/06) to an Inner City substation has aroused us all. He alleges a police substation is located in the vicinity of the Murphy murder, the 400 block of N. Patrick Street.

The Growler remembers a police substation at the former 7-11 at Princess and Henry Street, but it disappeared when the building was sold. So the Growler phoned the police to ask for a complete list of substations and their locations. The Growler was told there are no substations, just unmanned "satellite" stations where cops can go to complete their paperwork. From what satellite station, the corrected Growler now asks, did the police depart when they responded to the December 7 emergency call(s) from Patrick Street neighbors?

One police clerk was cajoled into reading some of the locations over the telephone, and it seemed the satellite stations included a number of retail locations, such as Landmark Mall, Potomac Yards and the 7-11 on Seminary. Then the clerk clammed up, claiming the list was too long for a telephone reply. Maybe the Growler needs to sweeten the request with a little more honey...

Eventually the Curmudgeon's query will be answered. But, until then, the police need to put out an APB for the missing Inner City substation, because no one seems to be able to locate the substations ... oops, satellite station ... to which Captain Crawford refers. Sadly, it must be presumed missing in action.

A full-time Spanish speaking police officer will staff Arlandria's proposed satellite station.