Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Growler Speaks!

The Growler is more than happy to post comments or corrections from individuals who represent themselves as ICCA board members as long they sign their own names and address the Growler properly (with a capital G).

To post with your name, use the option "Other" instead of "Blogger" or "Anonymous."

And as long as we're here, the Growler would welcome official answers to the following questions:

1. Did Mr. Hart request time from the ICCA Board to present 1261 Madison at the January meeting or did he just show up with Engin Artemel and the drawings in tow? If the latter, are developers allowed to make ad hoc, unscheduled presentations about their projects?

2. Will 1261 Madison be on the February agenda or a later meeting?

3. Will a vote be taken on this project?

4. Was the ICCA board aware that the Planning Department staff report on 1261 Madison stated incorrectly that ICCA supported the project and was any attempt made to ask for a correction?

5. Who informed the developer that there was no quorum at the October meeting? (Strange that a developer should know the details of the ICCA bylaws ...)

Breathlessly awaiting your answers --

Yours truly,
The Growler

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Anonymous said...

More rant than a good read but question #5 is an interesting one.