Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Inner City Civic Association (ICCA) elected new officers at its meeting last week, and the list speaks for itself:

President: M. Patricia Schubert
1st Vice President: Karen Conkey
2nd Vice President: William Cromley
Treasurer: Charlotte Landis
Secretary: Philip Moffat

Note that not one officer lives on the west side of Route 1. And Growler’s willing to bet that (1) there were probably only a handful of ICCA members present for the elections, and (2) the officers nominated themselves, which has been standard practice at ICCA in recent years. No false modesty required here!

But Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. The curtain has been twitched aside and Mr. Cromley, who relentlessly worked the neighborhood’s gears from behind the scenes until now, is now firmly in charge of ICCA. No more working through straw men (or women).

Ms. Schubert served as Mr. Cromley’s Chief Whip during the City Council hearing on the Queen Street condos, rounding up and coaching all the speakers. So the Growler expects a similar relationship within the ICCA although Ms. Schubert is nominally the leader.

The new name of interest is Karen Conkey. She and her husband William are the architects who proposed a zinc-clad office-garage structure behind their home on N. Patrick Street. It’s the subject of neighbor Raymond Deakins’ BAR appeal and pending Circuit Court lawsuit against the Mayor and City Council.

The grounds for Mr. Deakins’ suit: Mr. Cromley’s relationship with the Conkeys and the perceived conflict of interest, since he chaired the BAR at the time. The ICCA election nicely underscores Mr. Deakins’ case.

The matter is going to jury trial in March, and the public exploration of the ties between the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man is going to be delicious … utterly delicious!

Bring on the flying monkeys!