Friday, September 30, 2005


Martine Irmer has been flooding the neighborhood with her annoying postcards again. This time they were pushing an upcoming rummage sale at Hopkins House:

"As all of you know, I have worked & lived in the Parker Gray Historic District for the past 13 years."

Yes, that's a burden we must all bear. But there's more --

"As few of you know, I have volunteered at the preschool 'Hopkins House,' 1224 Princess St. for eight years teaching 2 to 5 year olds French (and trust me they can sing Alouette & Frere Jacques)."

Très charmante! But it is all the more interesting to learn that Mrs. Irmer's own children did not have an opportunity to rub shoulders with Hopkins House grads in the hurly burly of Alexandria's public school system, French or no French.

Mrs. Irmer's son Alex, a basketball stand-out who garnered headlines for his prowess on the court, just graduated from Wakefield High School ... in Arlington. And before that, he attended Gunston Middle School ... in Arlington. Mais non!

"[Wakefield Coach Tony] Bentley had become aware of Irmer as assistant coach at Washington-Lee, and actually tested the waters to see if Irmer was open to moving up to W-L from Gunston Middle School. Word travels fast in the Arlington County basketball community. The coach said Irmer’s mother made it clear that her son would be attending Wakefield, where his friends were headed. Two years later, Bentley was Irmer’s coach with the varsity Warriors, and he was ready to mold him into a star player. ... By the end of his career at Wakefield, Irmer had been shaped into arguably the best player in the school’s 52-year history, graduating as the Warriors’ all-time leading scorer." Arlington Connection (July 1, 2005)

The Growler's kinda sketchy on these details, but if you proclaim your long-term residence in Alexandria, how legally do you get to send your kids to school in Arlington?

That reminds the Growler of something else that turned up on the Internet.

"Fort Hunt Preschool (FHP) has been sharing our hill for 41 years. This September, the school is welcoming a new director, Saskia Jansen. Saskia grew up in Hollin Hills and has many pleasant memories of playing on the grounds of MVUC when she was a child. She and her husband, Bill Cromley, who also grew up in Hollin Hills, have four children, all who have attended or will be attending FHP." The Windmill Online (Mount Vernon Unitarian Church) (September 2003)

So Parker-Gray is a good place to make money but it's not worth investing in the community.

Grrrrrrrrr ... ... !